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Marketing is Not Selling

You are a Champion! “Creating The Future – Fixed Goals & Flexible Strategy” “Strong Winds will Blow!” Charlie Ragus Wal-Mart® does mass marketing and some selling. We don’t go into their store to get a loaf of bread and expect to talk to a salesperson. Why? Because we understand what a loaf of bread is … Continue reading

Poverty to Obesity to Poor Health

A vicious cycle is causing much of the Health Care Crisis in America:  Poverty to Obesity to Poor Health. Look at this map of 2008 Obesity published by CalorieLab.com: As you can see, Mississippi is ranked number one in Obesity.  What other number one ranking has Mississippi obtained?  According the the U.S. Census Bureau – … Continue reading

Due Diligence – How to Analyse an Income Statement

For those desiring to do Due Diligence, before joining an MLM Company, one step is to look at the Income Statement and Operating Ratios (compared to Industry Statements). This information can normally be found on the Websites of Public Companies (Investor Relations) and the D&B reports of Private Companies (for a small fee paid to … Continue reading

Understanding Gross Profit

Every successful person in MLM is good at convincing others to join their Team. However, it is important to understand retailing products so that you can be successful and your new recruit can be successful. A big part of keeping people in your organization is understanding the numbers and not getting them in debt from … Continue reading

Direct Sales Compensation and Discount Structure

Ready to pour your heart and soul into building a business? “Risk” is a term to become familiar with when selecting a Network Marketing business, investing in the stock market, opening a franchise, etc. People will give you a lot of advise in picking a company to work with among them being: Do they sell … Continue reading