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AdvoCare 20th Anniversary Impact Magazine

Decades of Success – These four Distributorships joined AdvoCare and haven’t looked back.

Human Nature and Network Marketing

When it comes to human nature I think this Planters peanut ad says it all. Richard Poe, Wave 3 The New Era in Network Marketing: “In recent years, corporate sales staff have come to behave more like scientist. Salespeople today study more Freud than do psychotherapists…. In the Wave-Three organization, a networker’s aura of personal … Continue reading

Failure Is Not An Option

Perhaps that was true on the return to earth for the Apollo 13 but for everyone else failure is a necessity. Why are people so concerned with failure when it is built-in to everything we do? We have to worry about those that never fail because “the big one” is coming. Failure is a necessity … Continue reading

Any time, Anyplace, Anywhere

Network Marketing is a do as you go business. How often those of us in Network Marketing hear things like: “After the next few months I’ll have more time to do the business.” Or, “You know me, it takes me a while to get going.” I suppose they think Network Marketing is done by a … Continue reading

The Return of the Local Market

The Internet is making a correction in one-way conversation. Networking has always been a natural thing at the local market. While the conversation may not be “local” we’ve transitioned through a short period of time where mass communication (one-way communication) was in control. Thankfully, that day is past because of the Internet. While one-way communication … Continue reading

Higher Purpose

Direct Your Ego to a Higher Purpose Randy Gage wrote this in his book Risky is the New Safe: When you work toward a higher purpose, you elevate your own consciousness and that of everyone around you. You attract people to your vision, and they help keep you grounded and moving forward. My friend Ian … Continue reading

Doing it wrong enough long enough

Is there a right way to do Network Marketing as a business? Here’s a funny video I found on the Internet showing how many people perceive the business. (Yes, I borrowed the video as a great example.) Would you go to a social event to hand out business cards? If you are like me you … Continue reading

Leave Them with Their Dignity

Leave them with their dignity but do leave. I love negative videos below because they point out a rule in Network Marketing that people sometimes violate. There is a rule in Network Marketing and it is this: You are not in the convincing business. If you are with a legitimate Network Marketing company (selling great … Continue reading

How Big is your Heart?

Why network marketing can work for you. Because there are legitimate companies with great products (that use a Network Marketing business model) you can be successful too. Why? Because the products work! Some people incorrectly assume that the business is all about promoting some superstar in a Hotel room meeting. While the art of promotion … Continue reading

Selling Your Time

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “Time equals Money.” The easiest way to describe the concept is to think of your job. What is your job if you are not selling your time for money? Do you have to show up “on time?” Do you spend x number of hours each week? Selling your … Continue reading