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AdvoCare 20th Anniversary Impact Magazine

Decades of Success – These four Distributorships joined AdvoCare and haven’t looked back.

Human Nature and Network Marketing

When it comes to human nature I think this Planters peanut ad says it all. Richard Poe, Wave 3 The New Era in Network Marketing: “In recent years, corporate sales staff have come to behave more like scientist. Salespeople today study more Freud than do psychotherapists…. In the Wave-Three organization, a networker’s aura of personal … Continue reading

Failure Is Not An Option

Perhaps that was true on the return to earth for the Apollo 13 but for everyone else failure is a necessity. Why are people so concerned with failure when it is built-in to everything we do? We have to worry about those that never fail because “the big one” is coming. Failure is a necessity … Continue reading

What Market?

Do you understand the Health and Wellness Market? Sometimes people ask us about being a large company with millions in sales, etc. and if the market is saturated with our products and our business opportunity. That’s a really interesting question because our company is 20 years old with great products to help people who need … Continue reading

The Success System

Would you like to become successful? Start with a few people and add a few more until you have a large customer base. Buy to sell or sell to buy. How many businesses can you start with nothing—sell to buy? How many have a broken heart because they spent their life savings and mortgaged their … Continue reading

Congratulations to Richard Wright, AdvoCare President and CEO

AdvoCare: We Build Champions! SOURCE Ernst & Young LLP DALLAS, June 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Ernst & Young LLP today announced the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2013 Award winners in Southwest Area North. The award recognizes outstanding high-growth entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence and extraordinary success in such areas as innovation, financial performance … Continue reading

Mental Vision

Is your mental vision wrong? Some people still envision (picture in their mind)  yield signs as yellow even though the color was changed in 1971. We may have developed a completely inaccurate mental vision of someone else and are trying to paint them with the wrong color. This inaccurate mental picture may be based on … Continue reading


Our company spends a lot of time on training Business Builders. As a new distributor we can look at our company provided website and find a section called Training.. Training is very important so that we can impact our customers and potential Business Builders in a positive way. New distributors should spend time reviewing this … Continue reading

Luck Favors the Prepared

Louis Pasteur said, “Chance favors only the prepared mind.” If you aren’t prepared will you take advantage of your opportunities? Will you even recognize your opportunities? Opportunities may arise in an instance and pass us by just as fast if we find ourselves unprepared. It takes discipline to be prepared for anything. Also, it takes … Continue reading

Any time, Anyplace, Anywhere

Network Marketing is a do as you go business. How often those of us in Network Marketing hear things like: “After the next few months I’ll have more time to do the business.” Or, “You know me, it takes me a while to get going.” I suppose they think Network Marketing is done by a … Continue reading