Note: Information on this blog is personal and not company related or approved by our Company Affiliate. Also, my wife (distributor) has no personal input in this blog. Personal Opinions only!

Disclaimer Note: Personal blog only and not affiliated with our company as Independent Distributors. No claims are made regarding the accuracy of the information, medical, income, projections, etc. (Caveat emptor).

My wife and I have been involved with Network Marketing as a business for many years and during that time have earned serious income, bonuses, and trips.

The reason for that statement is this:  “No one can tell us that Network Marketing (MLM) doesn’t work.”

We started with the same distributor kit and a high degree of hope just like everyone else.

This blog is my personal journal regarding subjects I find interesting and I don’t confine my comments strictly to Network Marketing.  Since my wife doesn’t comment, and the blog is not strictly business, I don’t list products or company affiliation in this blog.

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