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Failure Is Not An Option

Perhaps that was true on the return to earth for the Apollo 13 but for everyone else failure is a necessity.

Why are people so concerned with failure when it is built-in to everything we do? We have to worry about those that never fail because “the big one” is coming.

Failure is a necessity for improvement. We don’t really notice the basics until we start failing so embrace failure. Consider failure your best friend!

AdvoCare famous #3 wins the Nationwide NASCAR Series 2013 by a 3 point lead.

As we enter the last race of the NASCAR Nationwide series the RCR AdvoCare number 3 car, with Austin Dillon driving as the point leader by 8 points, has not won a race all year. What’s more important? Driving smart and consistently as he has done all year.

If Austin Dillon didn’t have his head on straight he might crash his car trying to beat a driver like Kyle Busch who has won the most Nationwide races this year. Winning is not everything when we run with the end in sight.

When it comes to Network Marketing we need to embrace continual failure and stay consistently in the game. Earn while you learn.


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