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What Market?

Do you understand the Health and Wellness Market?

Sometimes people ask us about being a large company with millions in sales, etc. and if the market is saturated with our products and our business opportunity. That’s a really interesting question because our company is 20 years old with great products to help people who need help.

What kind of help do they want? Looking better, feeling better, having more energy, etc. In my opinion, we are the best health and wellness products in the marketplace with a great track record.

However, when we go to the store, or wherever we go, we see the same overweight unhealthy people. Not only have we not made a dent in the marketplace we’ve evidently gone backwards. People are as unhealthy as they have ever been. How many “replacement” bodies do they have? ZERO!

Are people interested in their health? If you go to the gym as often as I do (consistently) you see some of the same people. In the locker room you see them with their cloths off and they haven’t changed. If you understand just a little about good nutrition you understand why they haven’t changed. Even so, they consistently work at the gym to make themselves better. That is commendable because many people don’t bother to do what they are doing to improve. Why aren’t they improving?

When we think about it (we don’t have to think about it much) we realize what an opportunity we have to help other people with their health and with their finances. The opportunity to do so has never been better. We haven’t made a dent in the market. Of course, without those that use these great products it could be worse couldn’t it?


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