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The Success System

Would you like to become successful?

  1. Start with a few people and add a few more until you have a large customer base.
  2. Buy to sell or sell to buy. How many businesses can you start with nothing—sell to buy? How many have a broken heart because they spent their life savings and mortgaged their assets to support a failed business? You can avoid that catastrophe by becoming a business builder in Network Marketing (a business within a business).
  3. Add multiple skills to be successful. What skills?
  • How to make a sale or how to get a customer.
  • Learn how to recruit people to join your business. It’s not important that you join my organization but it is important that you look at the opportunity. Have you found the opportunity that is going to provide financial security for you and your family? Keep looking or join our opportunity.
  • Learn to present the business opportunity.
  • Person-to-person
  • Organize a few people to work together.
  • Learn how to communicate because language is important.
  • Promote “your group” by recognizing others (not yourself).
  • Learn how to promote large events and company events.
  • Show them the problem.
  • Provide them the solution.
  • Paint the vision.

Provide the mental picture for people to “get it” and see that they too can become successful if they will learn these skills and get into action. We become skilled by getting into action.

When the “why” is strong enough the “how” will come to you. Why would you start a Network Marketing business?


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