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Failure Is Not An Option

Perhaps that was true on the return to earth for the Apollo 13 but for everyone else failure is a necessity. Why are people so concerned with failure when it is built-in to everything we do? We have to worry about those that never fail because “the big one” is coming. Failure is a necessity … Continue reading

What Market?

Do you understand the Health and Wellness Market? Sometimes people ask us about being a large company with millions in sales, etc. and if the market is saturated with our products and our business opportunity. That’s a really interesting question because our company is 20 years old with great products to help people who need … Continue reading

The Success System

Would you like to become successful? Start with a few people and add a few more until you have a large customer base. Buy to sell or sell to buy. How many businesses can you start with nothing—sell to buy? How many have a broken heart because they spent their life savings and mortgaged their … Continue reading