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Our company spends a lot of time on training Business Builders.

As a new distributor we can look at our company provided website and find a section called Training..

Training is very important so that we can impact our customers and potential Business Builders in a positive way. New distributors should spend time reviewing this training material and actually applying what they learn by getting into action. Getting to company events is important for your success too.

As a new distributor we may be relying solely on upline sponsors for training, mixers, calls, etc. Please don’t do that!   Why? Here are some questions you should ask yourself as a Business Builder:

    • Why would you tie your business activities (success) to your upline sponsor’s schedule? They may not have the time to make sure your are successful in the business. Often their agenda includes their success and not yours. Especially if they don’t see you as a player in their business.
    • Does your upline sponsor see you as a player? If there is some reason that appears not to be the case then what are you going to do to ensure your own business success? How are you going to get in the game and put your best foot forward?

Establishing business momentum comes from getting professional help and recognition (The art of Promotion is part of the success system). People who have been successful in the business and know how to do the business may not be on the same page with you or vice versa. Also, just because someone has been a distributor for years doesn’t mean they know how to be successful. We can often find that out quickly by putting them in front of the room at an event. They may have “set through” hundreds of events and professional training but now you are amazed at what they don’t know because they haven’t actually been applying what they have seen and heard.

Experienced Business Builders are not at all shocked when they see this occur because you don’t have experience doing the business. You may have been sponsored by a control freak that think they are the only ones qualified to be in front of the room. Go online and get trained now because your success is up to you. (Don’t forget to get help from those actually interested in your success because third-party credibility and recognition is important too.) Make friends with people successful in the business and those that are on the same page with the agenda of the company. This is the way to get the help you need. If you are sidelined or on the sideline ask yourself what you’re going to do about it because your success is truly up to you.

More important than any other thing in the business is your “belief system.” Do you really believe that eventually you will be successful? If not, it will come across to everyone that you encounter. Many of us have seen those in the business that act as if they are on their “last leg” (pun intended). They look down in the mouth and absolutely nobody wants to be around them or be a part of “that.” How happy are you when you present the business? Speak life and not death.


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