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Higher Purpose

Direct Your Ego to a Higher Purpose

Randy Gage wrote this in his book Risky is the New Safe:

When you work toward a higher purpose, you elevate your own consciousness and that of everyone around you. You attract people to your vision, and they help keep you grounded and moving forward.

My friend Ian Perry is a seminal critical thinker on the subject of purpose, and consults with companies seeking to perform better. One of the things he says in his book The Profitable Power of Purpose is “the national epidemic is that people look for ‘jobs’ not for ‘purpose.’ We should stop measuring the ‘jobless rate’ and start measuring the ‘purposeless rate.'” Not very practical, perhaps, but this statement does give us much food for thought.

Think about it. Chasing a paycheck or a stock price doesn’t really inspire anyone long-term. Following your life’s purpose not only inspires you to daily action, but it gets you out of yourself. As you move along your path, your purpose naturally moves toward the higher realms.

You still want to make money, get a promotion, or create a profitable venture, but you view those desires through the lens of creating true value, which inherently leads to more enlightened pursuits.


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