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Leave Them with Their Dignity

Leave them with their dignity but do leave.

I love negative videos below because they point out a rule in Network Marketing that people sometimes violate. There is a rule in Network Marketing and it is this:

You are not in the convincing business.

If you are with a legitimate Network Marketing company (selling great products) it is time for you to smile and say “Next” (or not now) when it comes to the business opportunity with people not ready for the business. It is a fact that most people join Network Marketing as a so-called Distributor to get a discount on products. That’s how my wife and I got involved. Enough people actually work hard in the business to make a great income. My wife and I have been doing this for (14) years and we have zero regrets about starting our Network Marketing business. It would be difficult to convince us that this business model doesn’t work and is not legitimate because it has worked for us. Also, if people are asking you about your business model being a pyramid scheme you may be doing the business wrong or you may be with the wrong company. We very seldom get a question like that and if we do we move on immediately. Why? Because people do have a right to their opinion (leave them with their dignity). If you bring the wrong people into the business (giving them false hope) you end up doing the business for them. Legitimate Network Marketing is a “work program” as you will soon learn working the business.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to be earning big bucks in a banking pyramid scheme called: “Too big to fail.” Practically every organization in the world is a pyramid but that doesn’t mean their business model is not legitimate. If you have a different opinion that’s OK. Without a doubt, this business is not for everyone.


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