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How Big is your Heart?

Why network marketing can work for you.

Because there are legitimate companies with great products (that use a Network Marketing business model) you can be successful too. Why? Because the products work!

Some people incorrectly assume that the business is all about promoting some superstar in a Hotel room meeting. While the art of promotion (just like advertising) can be a part of the business it is not really the business. Several large network marketing companies help their distributors with branding and name recognition. We all have legitimate stories about superstars in the NFL and NASCAR to add a “layer” of credibility. In fact, my wife and I have joined a business with a tremendous track record. That’s great too but it is not the business!

If you joined a company marketing basketball teams would you be able (setting in your wheelchair) to recruit LeBron James (Miami Heat) or Kevin Durant (OKC Thunder) to play for you? That’s how some people view network marketing–making big money by doing the impossible. Your network marketing company isn’t asking you to do the impossible and you could probably work for them setting in a wheelchair because it is a work program selling great products.

We’ve all seen great leaders in the past rise to the occasion. They were counted at the times they were needed because of their core values. They may have risen in times of great opposition because of their belief system. They may feel as if they are standing alone but others were just waiting for a leader to rise and speak. Someone with strong conviction that they could follow. Are you doing what’s right or what you think others want to hear?

How big is your heart? Do you promote others or yourself? The art of promotion is not about promoting yourself but promotion is an indicator of the “heart.” If you have distributors that you’ve sponsored, receiving some recognition, and your are silent it speaks volumes to them about your heart. If you are not celebrating their success in public it speaks volumes about you. Certainly there are many people in the company (including crossline members) that you can promote. Who are you promoting in your business? Who pays your check?

All of us are guilty when it comes to the subject of being self-absorbed. Instead of visiting with our downline before a meeting we may be watching LeBron James or Kevin Durant–basketball superstars. We aren’t in the game so-to-speak. It speaks volumes to your downline about your heart. They realize you don’t see them as a superstar worthy of your time. Is the business about you and your friends or those you sponsor into the business?

We’ve all witnessed people in the business succeed when we never thought they had a chance to succeed. It very well could be that they don’t have heart problems. Guard your heart!


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