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Relationship Power

People are your working capital in Network Marketing.

People often think they have no power because they don’t control resources or people but that’s not true. I recall a VP of a major telecom company, in a capital budget meeting, saying this about another VP: “I don’t want the capital for that project. I just don’t want him to have it.” That’s how some people view power. You have to take it away from someone else. Now that this VP is retired I suspect he has little power because he wasn’t well liked.

Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer says this in his book called Power: “A resource is anything people want or need–money, a job, information, social support and friendship, help in doing their job. There are always opportunities to provide these things to others whose support you want. Helping people out in almost any fashion engages the norm of reciprocity–the powerful, almost universal behavioral principle that favors must be repaid. But people do not precisely calculate how much value they have received from another and therefore what they owe in return. Instead, helping others generates a more generalized obligation to return the favor, and as a consequence, doing even small things can produce a comparatively large payoff.

Sometimes building a relationship so that others will help you requires nothing more than being polite and listening.

What kind of help do you want to give people who don’t show you respect?


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