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Align Your Reason and Purpose with Your Company

Now that you have aligned your core values with your vision it’s time to align your reason or purpose with your company. It sounds so cold: “This is a Business.”

In Network Marketing it’s nice to be a team player but there are some problems associated with teams. Teams are like Departments in a company and they have a tendency to become Silos with their own goals and objectives.

For example, what if your team leader decides his religion or core values is more important than your personal reason or purpose for doing Network Marketing? You may have a serious problem because it is difficult to plug your recruits into his team environment or meetings. The leader is not on the same page with your reason and purpose. In fact, the people you may be able to attract to the business may get turned off quickly by their reason or purpose even if they are great people and hugely successful.

More than likely, you have a different reason or purpose than your spouse and it may be difficult to be on the same page with your spouse when it comes to this subject. Each of you have “your own”  story or reason to do the business. It would often be difficult to align your reason or purpose with your wife or husband. If you are like me your wife and you have personalities that are like night and day. Our personalities don’t even come close. And so, I’ll give my own reason and purpose for “doing the business” as an example of how to align yourself with the company. In reality, we don’t know the real reason or purpose of anyone else do we?

Strangely, I’m not sure what my wife’s reason or purpose is for doing the business. For example, she has said in meetings that it was to get me out of Corporate America and she visited me at work (that probably happened just a few times in 30 years) and saw me in this small cubicle and decided to retire me from Corporate America. Interestingly, I’ve listened to other people explain that I hated my job and my wife retired me from Corporate America. I don’t mind them believing this stuff about me, if it motivates them or sounds good to them, but none of it is remotely true and it certainly doesn’t motivate me. My wife saw me in a small cubicle because they were remodeling my office. Also, she never had a clue what I did for a living because we never associated in a work environment or even talked about it. To be fair, I never had a clue what she was doing either. Who really cares?

I joined a Network Marketing company because I’m not a good slave. People often think accountants are boring and live a hum drum existence. With the jobs I’ve had nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, I was offered a lot of money to stay in my last job but I used my better professional judgement to leave. The founder had just died and his son was taking over–making a lot of changes. I made a judgement about the qualifications of his son to run the business. (You better do that when you are in accounting and finance!) People in the finance arm of the company were blamed by him for cooking the books after the company went under but I was long gone. It was the largest (as defined by their industry)  well run company in our state before the founder died and his son took over. Thankfully, my judgement in this instance was good (right on). I’ll just cover a few more jobs before I align my reason and purpose with the company.

I left a large manufacturing company as their Controller after giving eight weeks notice. My replacement was sued by the shareholders for cooking their books.

I left another company as their VP of Marketing on my own after the holding company had  hired a jerk for a President. I was involved with another large company in selling this company to the new owners and I was offered a position in the company at high level. The market turned down and I switched to marketing. Admittedly, the new President was great at laying off people, controlling costs, etc. Now he’s pushing up flowers in a western Oklahoma cemetery, after dying of cancer, so I try to remember his good points but that’s very difficult.

Like most of you, I could go on and on with stories pertaining to my past jobs. I have to laugh when people think they are the only ones that have had to deal with politics or hard business situations. We all have these things in our lives if we have lived any length of time. The old school or style of management (board room cuss fights, being threatened and cussed by your boss, turf wars, etc.) won’t be eliminated by any laws written. Most employees are not going to ruin their careers no matter how sticky it gets with their boss at work or if they will retire to prison. Separation of duties is an internal control requirement but it’s amazing how easy it is to get people to collude especially at high level. (Just ask the five CFO’s of HealthSouth prosecuted or Scott Sullivan. the WorldCom CFO. that got five years in prison.) Strangely, Scott Sullivan was one of the sharpest M&A experts I’ve ever met, I worked at WorldCom in capital budgeting, and he could have gotten a job anywhere at high level. But, like one President told me, “You won’t make it in business today unless you are standing on the edge of the cliff looking into the abyss.” Are you tired of looking into the abyss?

You have to align your reason or purpose with your Network Marketing company because your sponsors may not stay in the game (they may retire, etc.) or they may not support your best interest or your team in the business. Why would you align yourself with their reason or purpose for doing the business even if you think you know what it is?

In my case, it is simple to align myself with the company because the business model allows me to be free from politics and jerks. It allows me to be free to come or go when I please and how I please.

In my opinion, if you have a job you are a slave. Because of my financial background I see you as a piece of equipment to be depreciated over your useful life and end up on a junk heap. Of course, this is after you’ve been used up making someone else look good or making someone else rich.

The reason some of you may be attracted to the business (by me) is because you’ve had my business experiences or think just like me. You probably wouldn’t be attracted to me if you didn’t think like me (align yourself with me mentally). That’s where your spouse (their reason and purpose) comes into the business…. This is how you align your reason and purpose for doing the business with the company. You normally attract who you are, and what you are, and you should attract them to the great company you choose to join.


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