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Best Practices

Vision Alignment

Align your vision with your core values, etc.

Would your vision be good if your goal in life was to become an NBA player and you are 5′ 4″ tall? This article is not about being negative but about giving yourself a better chance to win in the game of life.

Strangely, last night I was dreaming about this beautiful Collie we had when I was in the sixth grade. We had a small back yard and that was our dog’s yard. My grandparents lived on several acres of land and we got the bright idea that we could take our Collie to live with them. We had a vision: “The Collie could roam free and be so happy living with our grandparents.” This was a grand vision but was totally inaccurate. We had to drag the Collie out of the backyard because he didn’t want to go. Our grandparents were not at all happy to see the dog and I suspect one of my Uncles killed the dog because they didn’t want it. This could have been much better planned and evaluated.

What about our core values? If our vision is to be rich and live in a mansion couldn’t we achieve that vision in various ways? For example, couldn’t we lie, cheat, and steal and rob a bank? Would that be aligning our vision with our core values? Sorry, if that is your case. This brings to my mind the movie The Postman with Kevin Costner and Will Patton (neo-fascist General Bethlehem). Costner didn’t have much of a vision in life other than live a peaceful happy life. Costner was just good at giving others hope. Unfortunately, General Bethlehem had a grand vision that included destroying the lives of others because he was insane with power.

Put it on a personal level. Is your vision a national or global vision? A vision totally beyond your control? Some people spend their time trying to accomplish something (even with unlimited resources, influence, power, etc.) that probably won’t be accomplished in this world for obvious reasons.

If you don’t align your visions with reality (with your core values, beliefs, etc.) then your vision will be difficult to achieve. Also, people have to have a strong reason and purpose in order to achieve big dreams. Without a strong purpose and reason a vision is just a dream. Obviously (dog story above) we need to make realistic plans that agree with our vision.

Spend time aligning your vision.


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