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Are You Comfortable in Your Own Skin?

Are you comfortable with who you are after asking yourself, who am I? Network Marketing brings about a lot of soul-searching especially for professionals. Taking on a different personality to cater to the expectations of other people is a clear sign that someone is not comfortable in his or her own skin…. To become more … Continue reading

Align Your Reason and Purpose with Your Company

Now that you have aligned your core values with your vision it’s time to align your reason or purpose with your company. It sounds so cold: “This is a Business.” In Network Marketing it’s nice to be a team player but there are some problems associated with teams. Teams are like Departments in a company … Continue reading

Vision Alignment

Align your vision with your core values, etc. Would your vision be good if your goal in life was to become an NBA player and you are 5′ 4″ tall? This article is not about being negative but about giving yourself a better chance to win in the game of life. Strangely, last night I … Continue reading