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Indirect Insults

Low key and subtle insults are made particularly when we don’t even think about it.

When you’re a legend in your own mind you may not even think about the insults you’re handing out to others.  Hopefully you haven’t been visiting websites that explains how to deal out insults in a subtle way.  Yes, they are out there.

Most of us know someone who’s rich or has something “special” going on in their life.  We always remember that individual that has something special but is down to earth. People walk away saying:  “He/She is just like me!”  Why do they even think or say such things?  Because it is difficult for someone who thinks they are above others to have a humble spirit.

On the other hand, we know people who think they are pretty good, talented, etc. and it doesn’t come across too well.  Because of their opinion of themselves they throw out insults right and left not even realizing it.  Generally, the insult comes across indirectly in the form of I’m better, more talented, etc.  Here’s one of their indirect insults:  “Sandy, you’re the most talented cleaning lady I’ve ever seen.  If I ever need my house cleaned I want you there.”  Here’s how Sandy hears the compliment:  I’m not a cleaning lady and don’t even like to clean.  Are you just trying to insult me in front of my friend Martha?  Note:  Hopefully, just using that as an example won’t cause some honorable cleaning person to take offense!

People don’t join Network Marketing in hope of carrying your bags or cleaning your house.

The legend in their own mind wasn’t intending to insult Sandy at all.  You see, that’s how he or she views Sandy and practically everyone else he or she is dealing with.

I’ve always found butt kissers interesting.  They walk right by you never making eye contact to get to Mr. or Ms. IT.  Smiling all over themselves like a puppy dog ready to pee with excitement.  We all know people like that.

In fact, someone come’s to mind right now.  This is a male with a PhD and if someone is not on his level he won’t even answer their phone calls or emails directly.  He has a flunky do it and the flunky makes sure you understand that you need to deal with this “at your level.”  When I was younger I worked for a Senior Vice President of a large company that would have his personal secretary call someone and say:  “Will you hold for Mr. Big?”  Indirectly, he was telling the person on the other end of the line that my time is more valuable than yours.

Excuse me while I puke.  I’m through with this topic.

“If you’re going through hell–keep going.” Winston Churchill


3 thoughts on “Indirect Insults

  1. This is some really awesome information. I’m amazed by the quality of your site

    Posted by rival slots | April 11, 2011, 4:22 am
  2. Ok, im not quite sure what the purpose of what i just read here is but i have a question..how can one respond to the indirect comments that people love making for example , lets say you got fired from work and i know that, yet i say something to you like ”my life has changed ever since i started working..thank god im no longer just sittin on my butt all day making people feel sorry for me” and pretend that i didnt notice i just offended u but i purposely did.. Any1 can help with this?

    Posted by Chris | December 2, 2011, 11:36 am
    • Just ignore people who purposefully insult you and leave their presence ASAP. Avoid these kind of people. If it’s your boss try to make a change because you will go no where fast with this kind of person–if they are continually insulting you. We all insult people sometimes even without trying.

      Posted by bodybydesign | December 3, 2011, 7:52 am

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