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Integrity – In or Out?

Stephen M. R. Covey in his book, The Speed of Trust, talks about Character and Competence (combined to equal trust), and the (4) cores of credibility (take the test in his book):

  1. Integrity
  2. Intent
  3. Capabilities
  4. Results

No. 1, “In the third round of the 2005 Italian Masters tournament in Rome, tennis champion Andy Roddick was paired against Fernando Verdasco from Spain.  It was match point in favor of Roddick.  When Verdasco hit his second serve, the line judge called the ball ‘out’ and the crowd began to cheer for Roddick.  Verdasco moved toward the net to shake hands, as if the match were over.

But Andy Roddick didn’t accept the point.  Instead, he said that the ball was ‘in’ and called the umpire’s attention to a slight indentation on the clay court which showed that the ball had landed on–not beyond–the line.  Surprised, the umpire allowed Roddick to overrule him and the point was awarded to Verdasco.

Everyone was amazed.  In a game not typically played on the honor system–but on the umpire’s calls–Roddick had made a call against himself and went on to lose the match.

Though Andy Roddick lost the match that day, he gained something far greater.  He gained credibility.  He gained trust.  How did this display of integrity give him credibility?  Look at it this way:  How are the umpires going to respond the next time Andy Roddick challenges a call?  Most likely, they treat his challenge with the utmost respect.  His reputation is known; his credibility will precede him.”

I am really embarrassed right now for our people….

I am setting here listening to an author, explain to a pundit, just the opposite of what he said in his book.  Now days, we see this play out over and over.  People take no responsibility for their actions and their words.  They will tell us anything convenient and think that this should be alright.  Why would I read his book now?

It’s not alright because Trust is destroyed!  Will  people believe anything this person says in the future?
I once read this story (forgetting the author) about integrity:

He and his young son were riding a train and the conductor came to his set to get their tickets. He told the conductor he needed to purchase two tickets. But the conductor said, “If your son is under the age of five he can ride free and your son looks like he qualifies so you only need one ticket.” His reply: “My son knows he is older than five so I’ll take two tickets please.”

When “Trust” is destroyed we are slowing down our Network Marketing game and killing momentum.  We can either go with speed or we can go with lack of trust!

“Integrity has no need of rules.” Albert Camus


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