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Best Practices

The Midas Touch

You are a Champion!

Midas could just touch something and turn it to gold. We too need to consider how we touch the lives of other people. Perhaps the best way to describe how we should touch other people is by describing the opposite antisocial behavior from Ricardo R. Bellino in his book You Have 3 Minutes!

“However, if everyone has heard of the Midas touch, not everyone has heard of his opposite, King Sadim. They may not know him, but they most assuredly have seen him in action. Sadim is Midas written backwards. And just as his name indicates, he is the opposite of Midas. If the king of Phrygia transformed everything into gold, King Sadim has the power to deteriorate everything he touches. If the business is profitable, he is able to make it lose money; if the idea is good, he is able to ruin it; if there is friendship and cooperation, he quickly installs distrust and discord. King Sadim is an extremely insecure person with very low self-esteem. However, since he is unable to work out his weak points, because he does not even admit to having any, he uses arrogance to hide them even from himself. King Sadim never recognizes himself as such. He believes he is a Midas, though the results of his actions are always there to unmask him. But of course, that does not stop him. Sadim is a master at blaming others for his own blindness and incompetence, and he believes piously in the fantasies he invents to disguise his failures. And he moves forward, dauntless, unaware of the path of destruction he leaves behind.”

All of us have observed King Sadim in action and we may even have some of these traits. That’s why the brief “Lord’s Prayer” includes this sentence:

“And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us”

(trespasses encompasses more than debtors)


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