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Poverty to Obesity to Poor Health

A vicious cycle is causing much of the Health Care Crisis in America:  Poverty to Obesity to Poor Health.

Look at this map of 2008 Obesity published by CalorieLab.com:

U.S. Obesity

U.S. Obesity

As you can see, Mississippi is ranked number one in Obesity.  What other number one ranking has Mississippi obtained?  According the the U.S. Census Bureau – persons at or below poverty level.  As we look at the most obese states we will find that they correlate strongly with poverty.

Many of us realize that the poverty problem in the U.S. is double that of other industrialized nations.  Therefore, when we talk about the health care crisis it stems back to the root causes including poverty.  Of course, other causes would be education and opportunity for the poor, etc.

The facts contradict that the average American is obese because of wealth and the ability to eat too much of the wrong things. While this can be true the overwhelming cause for obesity is poverty.

What causes obesity? More calories into the body than out of the body.  Poor people eat more canned fruits and vegetables containing more sugar and salt (processed foods).  Also, fast foods that are high in fat or sugar.  When people don’t eat right and don’t exercise they gain weight.  These are the types of foods that poor people can afford (if they eat at all).

Improper dieting is a reason for obesity and can become a spiral or cycle of weight loss and gain. The body needs “fuel to burn” just like a wood burning stove.  Our bodies can’t operate properly without fuel to burn! If meals are skipped our bodies go into starvation mode (lower metabolism) retaining fat and burning muscle (our bodies are smart systems).  Our false ideas and actions can be at odds with our “smart system.” People have learned that eating many small meals during the day along with good nutrition will cause the body to eliminate weight.  Many diets are not properly balanced.

The proper “balance” between proteins and carbs are necessary for good health.  While we might lose weight on a low carb diet consider this:  “Your brain needs carbs.”  Therefore, you may be losing your ability to think well to lose weight on a low carb high protein diet!

My wife and I learned long ago through experience that our best customers have money to spend on good nutrition because they are concerned about their bodies and health. 

Poor people are truly in a vicious cycle (poverty to obesity to poor health).


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