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Feel, Felt, Found

You are a Champion!

Lee Boyan in his book Successful Cold Call Selling wrote this:

“In your dialog with a skeptic make sure that what you say is believable and can be backed by proof. But don’t come on too quickly and too strongly with your proof. Making prospects feel sheepish because they were wrong to show skepticism won’t help your cause. Then you’re in the wrong emotional zone. Logic won’t mean a thing! A time-tested technique for neutralizing skepticism is the familiar ‘feel, felt, found’ formula. It goes like this:

Mr. Jefferson, I know how you feel. Many of our customers have felt the same as you do now, when we first approached them with this idea. But they found, after using our system, their costs went down considerably, sometimes as much as 30 percent. For example, here is a letter we got from one of our customers, Mr. William Harrison….

This is the classic model of the feel, felt, found formula. I give it here because the words, feel, felt, found make it easy to remember. Since many salespeople have been trained to use it, I suggest changing the words when calling on experienced professional buyers, to give it a different sound. For example:

It doesn’t come as a surprise to hear you say that, Mr. Jefferson. Many of our best customers said the same thing when we first approached them with this idea. Now they’ve been using our system for years and have realized a substantial cost reduction, in some cases as much as 30 percent. For example, here is a letter we got from one of our customers, Mr. William Harrison….

Then come back with relating the benefit specifically to his situation and close for an appointment.”

In Network Marketing many new Distributors start out on their own without knowing how to handle objections (they’ve never done any selling) and after a few approaches to their warm market (family and friends) they are out of business. Handling objections, and even strong rejections, is just a part of the business. That’s why we always start a new person out by asking them their purpose and reason for doing the business. Purpose and reason needs to be or become strong! Otherwise, you just may be a very short-timer in the business.

Also, the best idea (particularly with family members) is to approach them using a Third Party familiar with the business and answering objections. The chairman of our Sci/Med Board has said on occasion that he couldn’t convince his mother about the products even though he is a Ph.D in Nutrition and teaches at a major University. He possibly could have convinced his mom using a third party even though they know a very small fraction of what he knows about the product.  Sometimes that’s the kind of influence we have with our relatives (don’t be surprised). Everyone has to grow in the business and learn what works and what doesn’t work.

The Journey (even with rejections) is worth it! It gets easier and fun when we learn how to handle objections.


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