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Building Structure

Ground Zero

Here’s a picture of Ground Zero my wife took on the trip we won to NY during last Christmas Season:


The High Rise Building that will replace the WTC buildings will be built on Bedrock to support what you can see rising up out of the ground.

Building a solid foundation in Network Marketing requires that you start from ground zero, just like everyone else, and begin to dig down. How big of a vision do you have about the building you want to build?


Do you want a Beach Hut, nice Home, or a High Rise Building? If you want a High Rise Building, that will be a part of the sky line for a long time, then go down to Bedrock using the multi-level principles of multiplication (3×3=9×3=27) = 39 Bedrock. Dig down in order to go up!

Build a Freedom Tower by Networking to Freedom!



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