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Starve Problems and Feed Opportunities

“Starve Problems and Feed Opportunities” is a well known phrase used by Peter Drucker the recognized father of management science. Perhaps this is one of the most important subjects in Network Marketing, that I could cover, yet it won’t be recognized as such because people never seem to learn from experience. Do you focus on … Continue reading

Ground Zero

Here’s a picture of Ground Zero my wife took on the trip we won to NY during last Christmas Season: The High Rise Building that will replace the WTC buildings will be built on Bedrock to support what you can see rising up out of the ground. Building a solid foundation in Network Marketing requires … Continue reading

Due Diligence – How to Analyse an Income Statement

For those desiring to do Due Diligence, before joining an MLM Company, one step is to look at the Income Statement and Operating Ratios (compared to Industry Statements). This information can normally be found on the Websites of Public Companies (Investor Relations) and the D&B reports of Private Companies (for a small fee paid to … Continue reading