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Best Practices

Building a Structure

You have laid a strong foundation so now it’s time to work on the structure:

Over time you will see a great benefit in developing a “structure” for your own people. Why would you take on that responsibility? The reason is to “control” your environment and build a Company within a Company.

If you work in Corporate America the decisions they make may directly impact your pay check. If things don’t go well you may get a pay cut instead of a pay raise. You may see long-term customers leave and go to the competitor.

When you control the environment your customers look to you. If you rely on someone else or Corp. for your structure they are in control and you are at their mercy, and if they head for the barn the horse you are riding will probably go too.

In MLM Corp. provides the hey but you get to ride the horse. Don’t let someone else control your group. Inner circles can be great when it’s your inner circle. Speaking from experience, the most powerful Business Builders I have witnessed didn’t develop their strong business inside the structure of Corp. or another Distributor structure. They did it themselves. You may never be a charismatic leader but most leaders fall into that category at the beginning. People are looking for a place to belong. Continue working at the business and recruiting “new blood” because you know more now than when you began. New horses only know about the barn (structure) you build. They don’t have visions of some other barn.

Ride in your own parade. Is it time for you to step up and take control?


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