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Best Practices

The Seven Disciplines of Success

My wife and I attended a leadership meeting with the founder of our company (11/16/99) and these are my notes from a person I consider to be a legend in this business.

1. Commit to Success – Success is a product of ideas. Ideas are a product of thought. Thought is a product of need. Principle: We won’t act unless we have a major need. The number one reason people fail in this business is lack of commitment. Commitment to success is not a sometime thing. Commit to who you are and what you want to become. The largest diamond mine in the world was discovered on a farm sold by an individual looking for greener pastures.

2. Learn and Master the Mechanics – The business is structural. A structure has to have what? A solid foundation. Paying attention to the details will speed us up, not slow us down. Learning to retail products will be necessary but it is more than retailing products. Like a good coach, we are scouting out the talent and looking for the right people. We don’t always get the right players and it will take more than three people to build a solid foundation but we only have time to work with three people.

Those people will have these characteristics:

  • Character
  • Money motivation
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Teachable
  • Willing to Work
  • Previous Track Record

There are four levels of secondary recruiting done by leaders working in their warm market:
Level 1 – Foundation (puts people in front of you). Don’t drag people into the business because we may have to drag them out of the way.
Level 2 – Duplication (we work with level one leaders to help this secondary level because people won’t follow someone weaker than themselves).
Level 3 – Leverage (this is where your business takes off–The big MO…Momentum–by multiplication). Small group meetings turn into large group meetings and bring excitement.
Level 4 – Insurance (due to distraction and change in the team).

3. Develop a List Mentality – Recruiting is the LIFEBLOOD of the business. Every day we should spend some time with our list. Our list is our WORKING CAPITAL.

4. Establish a Daily Routine – Every day we should be retailing and recruiting (Consistency wins Champions).

5. Master the Art of Promotion – Painting the Picture of what this can be for them (We are the messenger not the message). Getting someone to want to act. We don’t even have to get them to act–just want to act by:

  • Using the Product
  • Looking at the Plan
  • Getting to meetings and training

6. Become a Team Player – We have to be a team player to benefit ourselves (we are not in business by ourselves). Working with others creates the BIG MO and makes people want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

7. Work on Self – Commitment to working on yourself is working on success.


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